Elise & Ben

This autumn, Elise and Ben celebrated their engagement at a rustic family farm and it was so enchanting. They really are the cutest. Congrats to you both!

The Gartner Family

From engagement shoot to the arrival of their second babe, I have had such an amazing time with this family. They keep me in business and I love it! Congratulations on adding one more to the enormously large Gartner family. Bring on all that baby love!

The Sweetest Pageant Queen

This year, Evelyn will be going to pageant nationals! I’m excited for her and can’t wait to see her become famous one day. It was so fun to get a few head shots and we couldn’t forget her support system, her big sis and little bro. They are big fans. Congrats Evelyn!

Aspen Faye

Sweet baby Aspen Faye, you are so blessed to have this loving family to look out for you as you head into this world. And big sister is sure to teach you a thing or two! I can’t wait to watch you grow surrounded by love.

Mr. & Mrs. Lageson

Jenna and Erik, your day was so damn fun! Filled with bright fall colors, crisp leaves, pumpkins and even a surprise proposal! I am so happy for you and your family and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you all. Thank you for inviting me to be there to see the look on Erik’s face when he saw Jenna for the first time as a bride. It was the most adorable thing ever! Congratulations to you all!

Mr. & Mrs. Edelman

On a crisp fall day in October, Garrett stood with his back turned against his bride to be. She walked up to him with such excitement and was speechless when he turned around to see her standing in front of him. The first looks generally go one of two ways. Some are not as eventful, they look at each other and see the person they have always known and loved standing in front of them despite wearing fancy clothes. Or, in Garrett and Brittany’s case, they are blown away. It’s like when they looked at each other, they could see their future, present and past colliding into just a moment of pure love and joy. These are my favorite first looks and these two did not disappoint. But little did I know, I was in for more as I watched Brittany surprise her dad. At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone around had big juicy tears streaming down their faces. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

I’m so excited to present little moments of this amazing day to B & G. I hope it was all that you dreamed and more, and that each one of your days to come has the same feelings of exhilaration and adoration as your life moves together in synchronicity. Congratulations to one of my favorite couples!